vendredi 09 juin


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Kobosil (R-Label Group, Ostgut Ton, DE)

Giselh (Skryptöm, FR)

Djerry C

Résident du Berghain, producteur acclamé par ses pairs, Kobosil remixe aussi bien Ellen Allien sur Bpitch Control qu’Adriatique sur Afterlife ou Farrago sur Lenske. Boss de la marque d'habits qui cartonne 44 Label Group, il fête cette année les 10 ans de son label R – Label Group. Adepte d’une techno noire et industrielle, Kobosil s’impose en fer de lance de la techno allemande aux côtés des vétérans Ben Klock ou Chris Liebing. A ses côtés ce soir, le français Giselh qui cartonne sur Skryptom et notre résident Djerry C. Techno!



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Self-Help Singh

Masood Boomgaard

Internet sensation and popular comedy life coach Self-help Singh brings his hilarious life advice to
Switzerland for the first time!
Self-help Singh, whose videos are seen by millions of people around the world (1M followers on
Tiktok, 700,000 on Instagram), is the alter ego of South African comedian Masood Boomgaard
Masood Boomgaard, also known by his alter ego “Self-Help Singh”, is an international comedian and
probably your favourite alternative life coach. The comedian, (de)motivational speaker and parody
expert discovered his inner alter ego when he fell and hit his head as he rushed to the toilet after
some bad lamb vindaloo. Since then, his videos have reached millions of views on YouTube, TikTok
and Instagram.
Throughout his ten year long career as a professional comedian, Masood Boomgaard has performed
in both Dubai, New York, London and well… at home in his kitchen, room or his father’s garage.
Today Boomgaard lives together with his cat in South Africa, and he frequently shares common sense
wisdom to his millions of fans online. However, now he is once again ready for live shows, and you
have the chance to see him perform!
In his live show Boomgaard is serving a funny, unique, unforgettable and somehow disturbing stand-
up/parody show. This is not your regular motivational speaker, but you will definitely leave the room
with a smile. Get your tickets, now!

Masood Boomgaard


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Vincz Lee

Jiggy Jones